Cryptic Fiction

Welcome to Cryptic Fiction, a place where the unexpected becomes the expected. Here you will discover the limits of the imagination, with a dash of darkness to spice things up. Break boundaries, explore the extreme, and journey to the other side. Here you will find angels, demons, monsters, and paradoxes in time that will challenge your senses. Walk through the gates of the unknown. Step out of the day and smile at the night. Don't worry, the night will smile back. It's been waiting for you your entire life...​​
And Yet
And yet there she is;
With eyes like twin pools of silken chocolate,
A smile to light the darkest of nights,
And the sweet scent of porcelain skin,
She has power to rule my senses,
And the will to steal them…

And yet there she is;
The thief of my heart,
And I shall go with hands outstretched,
Accepting the bonds of love,
As dost the cry of the wolf,
Howling in pain for a moon that was once it’s lover,
Now passing overhead, outstretched and untouchable…

And yet there she is;
She enfolds me,
Running delicate fingers in gentle caresses,
She takes my cares away from me,
Her smile and her scent surround me,
And each day becomes a new dawn,
The first face in the day, and the last at night,
Is all I crave…

And yet there she is, my moon;
I am but the wolf…