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Welcome to Cryptic Fiction, a place where the unexpected becomes the expected. Here you will discover the limits of the imagination, with a dash of darkness to spice things up. Break boundaries, explore the extreme, and journey to the other side. Here you will find angels, demons, monsters, and paradoxes in time that will challenge your senses. Walk through the gates of the unknown. Step out of the day and smile at the night. Don't worry, the night will smile back. It's been waiting for you your entire life...​​
Father Autumn
From the ground I emerge in autumn
From deep earth, and stone, and insect
As colors deepen, so does my resolve
As the wind lays bare the trees, I move among you.

In colors of red and yellow, green and orange
In brilliant hues that capture your eyes
You shall think of me, for I am the never-ending cycle
You shall know me for I am both death, and life.

A phoenix that has risen from the ashes
A time terminated, only to come once more
To watch the leaves drift on gentle breezes
To cover the ground in a misty blanket.

You yield to me then, wordlessly comprehending the silence
You pause, sensing the alteration in my demeanor
All is quiet, as the choir of the forest slumbers
All becomes still, for my dominion has come once more.

For I, am Father Autumn...