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A Mote of Dust

A mote of dust, are we.
Thinking, breathing, perspiring
As we take into ourselves
The essence of Apollo, while Athena,
Adorned in silver and gold
Beckons us to wisdom, and to discard
The iron grip of Ares, whose violent gaze
Leads us to ashes, and bitter tears.

A mote of dust, are we.
As there, on the horizon
Lie the waters of a vast ocean, where life circles
Thrice around the isle of Bacchus and Demeter,
On the shoals of Atlantean storms
A tempest before the throne of Poseidon,
The Trident is poised to crack
The mantle of Earth.

A mote of dust, are we.
For the god of the sea shall call to account
The motes of dust which collide,
Swirling in the maelstrom
With no purpose, and reasoned reasoning
As the child dost
Play carelessly with the cobra
And dreams the long sleep of eternity.

For a mote of dust, are we…