Cryptic Fiction

Welcome to Cryptic Fiction, a place where the unexpected becomes the expected. Here you will discover the limits of the imagination, with a dash of darkness to spice things up. Break boundaries, explore the extreme, and journey to the other side. Here you will find angels, demons, monsters, and paradoxes in time that will challenge your senses. Walk through the gates of the unknown. Step out of the day and smile at the night. Don't worry, the night will smile back. It's been waiting for you your entire life...​​
No tears, only pain
As my soul tears apart
Dusty rags of my
Connecting inability to connect
My inheritance
My curse of the inconsolable.

I must be strong
But inside I am just a child
Weeping in the darkness
Groping to understand
The complexities of life
That are as far away
As to grasp at stars
That can never be captured.

Isolation and loneliness
Are the companions
That I shall lie with
Slumber of the long sleep
Of eternity is all that I expect
And darkness so serene
As to wipe from the books of history
My many sins.

For I shall find
No love or peace
In this life nor the next
And what shall beckon me
Is the cold hands of
Those that cannot see
The real me.

My soul cries out in the night
Muffled sobs from
The depths of eternity
And the universe
Shall answer me with cold reticence
That I am but a speck of dust
Inconsequential and immaterial
And didn't I know
That there was
Nothing but pain…