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The Kid's Table
So long ago it was
More than thirty years I’d say
When young eyes and energy
And vitality ran through veins;
Where mischief and mayhem
And climbing trees and wiffleball
And wonder for the world were all
There was…

For it was a time of magic
When anything was possible
A time before cell phones, computers
Apple and Microsoft
And I did not care about the trivial
Like Dockers and Nike
A place where books and board games
Reigned supreme
And I would stare at the stars in the evening
And dream, and dream…

And then there were summers
Where father and mother
Aunt and uncle
Brother and sister
Nice and nephew and cousins galore
Would gather together
And share something more…

There was food, there was fun
A day full of laughter and play
And the aroma of barbecue
Was like incense throughout the day…

There was horseshoes and football
And the music of piano and guitar
And the singing of my aunts and uncles
A blanket of tranquility
That stretches from afar…

Down the corridor of years
To this very present day
And I shall strive to remember
For as long as I am able,

For in my mind, I am still at the kid’s table…