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Welcome to Cryptic Fiction, a place where the unexpected becomes the expected. Here you will discover the limits of the imagination, with a dash of darkness to spice things up. Break boundaries, explore the extreme, and journey to the other side. Here you will find angels, demons, monsters, and paradoxes in time that will challenge your senses. Walk through the gates of the unknown. Step out of the day and smile at the night. Don't worry, the night will smile back. It's been waiting for you your entire life...​​
Thy Soul

How does thy soul find peace?
Is it in the occupation?
Is it in the things we obtain?
Is it in the drink or the food?
Is it in the symbols of status?
Is it in the racial identity?
The Jones’s must go down, and the Dow Jones must go up
So pass the gravy, the Mercedes, and the big-screen TV…

Enslaved, enshrined
Enmeshed in the establishment of our lives,
Pay thy taxes
Contribute to thy 401K
Tithe thy church
Fill thy gas tank
Pray at thy alter of the local mega mall
So pass the bible, sing the hymns, and covet thy neighbor’s wife…

Desperate, despicable
Damned in the detention of our lives,
Slavery now objective
In the eye of the beholder
In the wallet, the hourly wage, the salary
In the maze, the have and have not’s
Knot’s twisting the fabric of our time
So pass the boarding pass, present the passport, and wait in line…

Break the barrier, and quiet your mind
Look inside, and what do you find,
A loving embrace
A walk in a park
A kiss on the brow
The beauty of the moon
And the silent majesty of nature all around you;
So pass the gentle caress, and touch the face of our creator…