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Undone II
  And mighty Zeus upon his throne
Turned his gaze onto the enlightened world
Searching the hearts of men
Divining thoughts and wisdom
Through the cacophony of the modern age
And found only a hole…
In the shape of the Gods—it was
Devoid in the void—was it
Faith and reverence had fled
For man, for woman, and for child
Neither a sedimentary stone nor a seedling remained
And thus, ended and upended, his anger boiled
Churning in the fires of unimagined wrath
He stood before the Gods and cried out
While clutching at his chest
And beating at his breast
For man had lost their way
And their ways were lost to men
“Were not that Olympian Gods have been slain!
“Then forgiveness I would find and mercy still
“Yet man in arrogance and lust
“Who then return to bitter dust
“Have taken science and greed as their bride
“Nay I decree, a turn that we shall not abide!”
“I shall strike them with war!” Declared Ares
“For their transgressions are many
“And not a soul shall I leave in my wake
“Who hast not felt the touch of my sword
“For easily they are swayed
“And many are my machinations!”
“And I shall turn the watery deep against them!” Poseidon avowed
“In frothing oceans shall they cross
“And in storms they shall reap peril
“In iron and steel they go forth as secure masters
“Yet to me they shall pay homage once more
“And bow down as I stretch out my Trident against them!”
And Zeus, his flaming countenance set in stone
Bade them wreak havoc upon the Earth
Yet in command and decree he was not complete
And his voice did cause the Heavens to tremble
“For what once was still, has begun once more
“And we shall not heed the sacrifice of the noble death…”