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Undone III
And then it was that Hades entered,
Brother to Zeus and Poseidon.
In grim countenance his eyes beheld Olympus
His lot drawn long ago as Titans fell before them;
To rule the underworld from across the River Styx
His helm beneath his arm whilst Cerberus strode beside him.
His disdain apparent, a vulgar mood indeed
And thus it was he spoke
As the light did flee before him;
“In glory and grandeur Zeus the Mighty returns,
“And shall we all now tremble with fear?
“For thou anger does blaze in the radiance of Helios!
“But I shall not bow down before the lightening,
“For I have always been here;
“Whilst the God’s did cast man aside
“It was I that attended to mortals
“And how abhorred it would surely be
“If thou hindered them from coming to me!
“An endless bounty of souls undone
“In greed and pity—to my bosom I embrace them,
“For it is not my concern as to what God they pray
“As in the end it is I that shall hold sway.
“Thou will not command me, aloof in radiant spires
“And I shall not heed thy words, nor exact thy vengeance
“For I discern the commencement, the seed of the one called Christ
“Long after the fall of Troy, in the land of milk and honey,
“Crucified he was, and the temples of the God’s
“In stone, and incense, and prayers unanswered
“Lay in ruins as time unfurled its everlasting grip.
“But nay, it did not conclude, but was only the foundation.
“And word of The One, for whom the Teacher did minister
“Swayed the mind of a powerful sovereign whilst he slept,
“And the soul that has turned man aside from thee I know
“For he resides in Elysium, counted amongst those prized to me
“My bondservant he is—and judge—with Minos, Rhadamanthus, and Aeacus,
“And his name you shall know, for he is Flavius Valerius Constantinus!”
Zeus unbounded stood, and his anger shook the Heavens.
“Bring this soul to me I command!
“So that he should regret his offense against the God’s!”
And the lightening filled his voluminous eyes
And a bolt did appear in his mighty grasp as he regarded Hades
“And thou shall do as I command; or thee will share his fate!”