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Undone IV
  Hades stood, unmoved and undaunted
As in radiant anger mighty Zeus readied to wage war.
And brother though he was to the lord of the Underworld
In him all mercy long ago departed
And disobedience to the Olympian covenant
Was only to be met with swift retribution,
Vengeance cloaked in righteous indignation
And thus, Persephone advanced
To stand betwixt her husband and the God of the sky
Her robes radiant luster, her skin delicate porcelain
And in grace she beckoned the Lord of the Gods
“Mighty Zeus I beseech thee to stay thy hand.
“And do not let the wrath of thy thunder
“Rob thy mercy and grandeur, and the blood of thy brother
“Shall stain thy noble hands and become a weighty sin.”
“For many centuries have passed;
“And alone have I seen the burden exacted
“Upon the brow of my husband’s throne
“For what once was whole is now undone
“As in the vacant halls of Olympus
“Where powers undeniable reside
“Were left abandoned, an echo of eternity.”
 “Therefore, mortals in suffering and pain
“Did turn toward the Christian God
“And how they did find comfort in our absence.
“And more yet still as war, strife, and blood
“Covered the lands of men as they knelt before the cross,
“For it is the symbol of their Lord.
“And Hades, adrift in the Underworld,
“Took them to him at the moment of their death.”
“My Lord, I beseech thee,
“Do not look down upon my husband with anger;
“For I discern the smoldering rage before your throne
“But let reason and justice take its place
“For the man, Constantinus,
“Is but the symptom, and not the illness.
“A wayward human indeed—but noble, pious and brave
“As blameless as Hades in the affairs of Gods and mortals.”
“Persephone, oh daughter of the Earth,” replied Zeus.
“Your words bring wisdom, both strong and delicate voice.
“And behold, my anger has been quenched.
“In the ocean of your deft touch I shall find peace,
“And my anger shall pass over my brother.
“For I see the truth of thy words, and the grace of thy knowledge.
“So, that it should be true, my vengeance shall be upon man
“And to mortals alone I vow to exact my vengeance.”
“For they have discarded the Gods,
“In faithless times and absence still.
“And it is I who shall hold them accountable;
“For it is not without precedence that our deeds did fade
“And so it shall be, that faith without works is dead.
“And so shall it be for them…”