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Why Should I
Why should I be happy today?
In a world that seems, at times
To have gone so terribly wrong
And in the face of adversity, it cracks
The mantle of reason and thought
Beckoning the churning masses
Of the unemployed, the hungry, and the downtrodden
The wailing huddled masses who yearn
To breathe the free air of a life
Without stresses, yet are inextricably pulled
To yet lower depths of depression
Why should I be happy today?
Ah yes, and there is the crux of it
The spiny and sometimes significant
Relic of the fires that burn
Inside the human spirit
For they cannot be quenched
Like the fires of Dante, perdition's flames
The Sun dost’ pale by comparison
To the hope that we share
The kindled likeness of souls refreshed
Enmeshed in the valley of our deepest rest
So why, should I be happy today?
I shall, because my spouse still loves me
I shall, because my family pulls together
I shall, because I continue to survive
I shall, because I turned off the television
I shall, because I find beauty in music and art
I shall, because my four-legged pet adores me
I shall, because the sky is calm and the wind is pleasing
I shall, because giving up is not an option
I shall, because of those in whom decency still endures
So why should you be happy today?