Cryptic Fiction

Welcome to Cryptic Fiction, a place where the unexpected becomes the expected. Here you will discover limitless imagination, with a dash of darkness to spice things up. Break boundaries, explore the extreme, and journey to the other side. Step out of the day and smile at the night. Don't worry, the night will smile back. It's been waiting for you your entire life...
Azriel, The Angel Chronicles
What would you do if one day you discovered that you weren't always human? How would you react, knowing that God had punished you? How would you reconcile yourself with the knowledge that you had been friends with the Devil before the Great War in Heaven?

On his thirtieth birthday, in the company of his beloved sister and her twin boys, that is the challenge that Scott LeClair faces. He must give up all that he has come to love and carry out the will of his Master; or join the Devil, whose ancient name is Abaddon, and become one of God's accusers.

Abaddon, banished to the realm of Earth, senses his old ally's presence, and his connection to a beautiful psychiatrist named Elisabeth Hamilton. Knowing that Scott is Azriel, a powerful angel from the order of the Ophaniam, Abaddon plots to coerce the angel-as-man to join him.